About The Big Springs Museum


The Big Springs Museum’s collection is comprised of objects that reflect the history of the Caledonia-Mumford community located in the Genesee River Valley, southwest of Rochester, New York. The collection includes a strong emphasis on the area’s rural, agriculture character and the lives of Caledonia-Mumford residents. Objects in the collection include those that represent the history of Caledonia’s Seth Green Fish Hatchery, (the oldest in the northern hemisphere), military artifacts and memorabilia, items pertaining to public education and local spiritual life, toys, paintings and folk art, local African-American history, Native American artifacts, natural history collections, and an extensive costume and textile collection. The collection also includes photographs and archives, including some genealogical materials, and rare paper broadsides. The building itself is a 10,000 sq. ft. addition to the original Caledonia School. The women’s, men’s, and children’s costumes and quilts represent a sub-collection spanning two centuries. Most objects became part of the collection by gift and local connection.


Our Mission

The mission of the Big Springs Historical Society is to promote an appreciation of local history, heritage and culture. Through research, discovery, collection, display and preservation of relevant materials and through programming and dialogue, the BSHS will interpret the continuing story of the Caledonia-Mumford community, connecting history to contemporary life.



Board of Trustees Officers

President    Janice Grattan 2013
Vice-President    Meg Donegan 2017
Treasurer    Jeremy Carnes 2015
Secretary    Anne Marie Mattice    2012



Board of Trustees


Cathy Chiverton 2016
Robin Finley 2016
Katrina Hatch 2017
Kim Isaac 2016
Erin Kain 2017
Nicolette Middleton   2017
Christine Miller 2018
Seth Milliman 2017
Gail Milner 2016
Rex Milner 2016
Tim McGinnis 2018



Curator    Patty Garrett 1998
Docent    Martha Keenan   2017
Docent    Mike LaFave 2011


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