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Genealogical Research:

We are uploading information from our genealogy folders on a weekly basis. You can search for a family name and see an image from the folder or a page of a document from the folder, or both. Go to the “BSHS Online” link and choose the Keyword Search button or the Advanced Search button to explore these folders.

We maintain scrapbooks of Obituaries for Caledonia and Mumford residents and are available for viewing upon request.

If you find a lead on your search, please email us at the museum address ( and we can advise you on next steps. On-site research assistance is available by appointment.


Reference Material:

The large, three-story building which is home to the Society, is a wonderful museum. Artifacts are displayed which reflect the diversity of Caledonia’s 215 year history.

What is less well-known, is the Museum’s archive collection. For instance there is a complete run of Caledonia newspapers from 1917 to 1987 in hard copy.

The collection contains thousands of photographic images; a few from the 1850s, more from the Civil War period, and many photograph albums featuring family members from the 1880s though the early 1900s. There are many photographs of school classes from the 1910s and 1920s, and pictures of village clubs and teams. The museum houses images of local buildings, street scenes, Civil War veterans, parades, and the destruction caused by our two village fires.

In our collection are family Bibles, and much paper ephemera on a variety of topics. Some, before the introduction of typewriters, are handwritten; but much important history has been transcribed from early manuscripts to easily-read type-script. The Museum has file folders for families in which there is considerable material. Naturally, the 19th century pioneer families are well represented. Some of the paper and photographic material is also filed by subject: school, churches, farms, railroads, businesses, DAR.

Finally, there is a library of important historical reference books, period maps, black and white photographic negatives, and 35 mm color slides.

This reference material is available to those who wish to conduct their own research. We urge you to first sample the Museum archives online, come to the museum in person to view documents and photographs, and then perhaps offer material to expand and complete the collection. If you have important photographs you would like to retain, let us scan the images and return the originals.

History Research Resources:

The Big Springs Museum uses many Internet sources to search for and document our genealogy research. We have gathered some of our favorites here. Feel free to explore on your own or ask us for help in tracking down your ancestors.