Hamilton Mill Deconstruction

So many people have been talking about the Hamilton Mill and its deconstruction. We thought we’d share some historic info.

William Hamilton was born in Caledonia in 1832. He started the business in 1859 with a flour milling business in Honeoye Falls and the grain elevator in Caledonia. The company specialized in pastry flour under the brand name “White Frost” which was distributed throughout the northeast (see the 1919 ad in photos). William Hamilton died in 1912 and his son, William V. Hamilton took over management of the mill.
At the 1893 World’s Fair in Chicago, Mr. Hamilton entered his White Chaff Red Wheat and won an award “for fine, hard variety; good yield, weight, and quality. Yield, 32 bushels per acre. Weight, 63 pounds per bushel.” The award is located in the museum – stop by to see it!

In the early 1950s, the flour mill was sold. The Caledonia grain elevator was turned into a feed milling and farm supply store. Additional information about this local family and business (along with many, many more) is available at Big Springs Museum – stop by on Sundays 1-4PM or Monday mornings from 9-12.
Please note the hand-colored photo by Don McKay, a long-time supporter of Big Springs Museum.